Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Village Green Floorplans

Here are Floor Plan illustrations created for the Condo Conversion sales packet. The conversion to condominiums happened in stages between 1973 and 1978. While this is a good representation of Village Green floor plans, there are variations to these, and of course each one of these has a mirror image.

Three Bedroom Townhouse
Two Bedroom Townhouse - Fireplace, Laundry Room/Service Porch, and Balcony
Two Bedroom Townhouse - Fireplace and Half Bath downstairs
Basic Two Bedroom Townhouse
Two Bedroom Flat - Upper

Two Bedroom Flat - Lower
One Bedroom Flat D - Lower

One Bedroom Flat D - Upper
One Bedroom Flat C - Lower

One Bedroom Flat C - Upper
One Bedroom Flat B - Lower

One Bedroom Flat B - Upper
One Bedroom Flat A - Lower

One Bedroom Flat A - Upper
One Bedroom Bungalow - End unit with Fireplace

One Bedroom Bungalow - Center Unit