Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Complete Wyvernwood Series

Wyvernwood in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles, was the first large-scale, privately funded multiple housing development on the West Coast when it opened in 1939. Designed by architects David J. Witmer and Loyall F. Watson, in collaboration with landscape architect Hammond Sadler, this fine and thriving sister city to Baldwin Hills Village is now threatened with demolition.

To facilitate reading the recent series of blog posts about Wyvernwood, here are links to each one in order:

INTRODUCTION: Garden Cities at Risk

CHAPTER ONE: Clarence Stein 101

CHAPTER TWO: The Wyvernwood Architects - Witmer & Watson

CHAPTER THREE: Hammond Sadler, Wyvernwood Landscape Architect

CHAPTER FOUR: Wyvernwood and the "Hostetter Tract"

CHAPTER FIVE: Creation of a Garden City

CHAPTER SIX: "Community of Rental Homes in Park Opens Today"

See also the article I wrote for the Cultural Landscape Foundation's website, about the possible demolition of Wyvernwood, and how you can voice your opposition: