Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fandango on the Village Green

Villagers of all ages enjoyed the show
Did you go to the Fandango on the main green on Sunday? I hope you did, because Betto Arcos, in collaboration with the Cultural Affairs Committee, put on a wonderful show!! Here is the description of the event from our website:

"What is a Fandango?  A Fandango is a jam session where musicians and dancers, devoted to the rich and upbeat music from Southern Veracruz in Mexico, gather to play and dance."

The Fandango attracted a large crowd
"In the tradition of the early summer and Labor Day concerts, join us Memorial Day weekend to picnic, listen to great music and dance (if you want!) with renowned radio personality and Village Green resident Betto Arcos and his friends as they jam the afternoon away playing and dancing Son Jarocho."

Can you think of a better location for a concert?
"The Son Jarocho of southern Veracruz is one of the most dynamic variations of the musical/dance genre known as the Son Mexicano.  The "folk music" of Mexico, the Son Mexicano emerged during the colonial period as a mix between Spanish, Indigenous, and African music and dance."

Our dapper maintenance manager Harold and Village Green resident Penny.
Our concerts on the Green are always a big hit, and this concert was very well attended. Such great music and dance and neighbors under the breezy canopy of sycamore leaves reminds one why the Village is such a great place to live. The next concerts organized by the Cultural Affairs Committee will be Sunday, June 26 and Monday, September 5, both from 3 - 6pm - see you there!

The concert continued on Betto and Josephine's patio after the official concert ended!

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